Bouncing Back Workshop

Are you planning a multi-session retreat or conference that will build deeper relationships, confront significant questions, and explore God’s role in real-life circumstances? Are you seeking a presentation that will prompt in-depth discussion and personal reflection?

Rich Dixon sits in a wheelchair, but Bouncing Back is not about disability. This highly interactive workshop is about hope, possibility, and the assurance of Jesus’ presence in even the most difficult circumstances.

Rich will lead your audience through a series of reflections based on his book Relentless Grace. Each individual will explore a fresh perspective on trial and triumph through an in-depth examination of Jesus’ simple words, “I Am …”

Pain and struggle are part of every life. Rich shares his optimistic conviction that Jesus indeed lights the way through even the darkest moments.

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Participants will:

  • Encounter the truth that Jesus journeys with them through trials and struggles.
  • Explore their understanding of God’s role in adversity.
  • Discuss questions and perspectives with others.
  • Identify a pathway through adversity based on the Gospel of John.
  • Learn from others’ triumphs and struggles.
  • Examine personal adversity in light of God’s promises.
  • Understand that pain and struggle, while not desirable, can lead to valuable insight and significant personal growth.

What To Expect

  • To confront and discuss important, meaningful questions.
  • Pragmatic, scripture-based perspectives on surviving and thriving in real-life situations.
  • To laugh.
  • To engage in frank, down-to-earth discussion of trial and triumph.
  • To be inspired.
  • To be challenged to pursue individual study and deeper relationships.

Don’t expect platitudes, easy answers to complex questions, or quick-fix solutions to complex problems.  Don’t expect to sit passively and listen to one more so-called expert’s five-step program.

Leaders Say …

Rich brings a truly unique, deep, and authentic approach to leading folks closer to God. His humor, reflection, and life journey speak insightfully to the lingering questions each of us have concerning faith.  I would enthusiastically recommend Rich to any group desiring their faith to be fertilized.

Bert Wright–Senior Pastor, Evangelical Covenant Church, Fort Collins


Rich’s uses events from his personal journey to raise important issues about hope and possibility in the midst of trial. He also incorporates participants’ experiences to make the material more relevant and meaningful for your specific group.

The workshop encourages participants to explore four main topics:

  • God’s Role In Adversity
  • The Cycle Of Adversity
  • Jailbreak! ( following the Way from darkness into light)
  • Tools And Applications

These topics might comprise individual or multiple sessions depending on your event’s structure. Each topic includes questions designed to prompt meaningful group discussion.

Each participant receives a workbook containing key graphics, group discussion questions, journaling prompts, and guides for further individual study and reflection.


The content can be tailored to meet your group’s needs. Whether you’re planning a weekend retreat, a two-day conference, or a course spread over several weeks, Rich will work with you to customize the material and achieve your event objectives.

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Audiences Say …

Every man and woman ought to have the opportunity that the men of our church had at our 2010 fall retreat. Rich Dixon, author of Relentless Grace, shared the powerful story of how the Lord ministered to him in a period of his life when he could see no way out of a deep darkness . Periods of darkness are a part of every believer’s life but Rich’s message is not a message of despair but rather a beautiful and encouraging message of hope and how a Christian can be prepared for those inevitable periods of darkness. Rich is truly a gifted teacher with an inspiring message.

I deeply appreciated Rich’s story and the tools he imparted to help us to overcome adversity. His visual examples are outstanding. The small group discussion was meaningful. It was helpful to finally understand how adversity works in a person’s life. This teaching has given me hope and the tools to deal with everyday adversity.

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