“Rich has such an amazing story. He’s so awesome, such an inspiration. He gives such a hope for my future. What a wonderful sense of humor. His honesty gives everyone hope and lessons that they can carry with them for their lives.”

An inmate at Larimer County Detention Center

Finding the right speaker for your event is a big challenge. A great speaker makes your conference, meeting, or celebration a big success. The perfect message leaves your audience energized and inspired.

I hope this page will help you get the information you need to make this important decision.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m honored that you’d consider me.


If you’d like more information or have questions before proceeding further, please click here:

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What You Can Expect

I speak to a broad spectrum of audiences with a unique blend of self-deprecating humor, personal experience, and practical application. In classroom or keynote, workshop or retreat, I convey a message of faith, hope, and grace in a compelling story that will inspire, entertain, and encourage.

I don’t believe in quick-fix solutions to complex issues, so I approach difficult topics with realistic acknowledgement of struggle and discouragement. I offer pragmatic, real-life perspectives on surviving and thriving in difficult situations.

I will blend my personal story with your theme to meet the unique needs of your conference, workshop, retreat, or special event.

I speak to faith-based and general audiences from a Christian perspective about inspiration and the possibility of a full, joyful life within any circumstances.

Monte, my service dog, brings a unique, endearing quality to my appearances.

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A Bit About Me

I retired in 2009 after a thirty-five year career as a mathematics teacher so I could pursue a second career as a writer and inspirational speaker.

In 1987 I fell from a roof and sustained a spinal cord injury that resulted in permanent paralysis below my chest. I enjoy speaking and writing about overcoming adversity and chasing God-sized dreams.

In November of 2011 I completed an eight-week, 1500-mile hand cycle trip along the entire length of the Mississippi River. Rich’s Ride raised about $20,000 for hungry children and demonstrated that HOPE changes what’s possible.

You can read more about my story and my experience here.

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Video Clips

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Sample Topics

These are examples of general topics. However, no event is ordinary and no audience is typical. I will work with you to design a customized presentation that incorporates my experiences within the theme and unique requirements of your audience and event.

    Dreams aren’t killed–they wither and die from lack of attention. Inspirational, encouraging, and challenging, this message of hope and possibility dares listeners to nurture their dreams and set goals that grow dreams into sparkling reality. Your audience will see first-hand the opportunities within every struggle and leave eager to risk dreaming their wildest dreams.
  • NUMBERS THAT MATTER (service organizations)
    Every organization gets focused on numbers. Ever wonder whether yours is paying attention to the wrong numbers? I’ll tell a story about NUMBERS THAT MATTER that will inspire your audience to re-connect with the true reasons for service.
  • RELENTLESS GRACE: HOPE changes what’s possible
    Have you ever wondered where God went when life falls apart? With an authentic mix of humorous episodes and intimate personal struggles, I’ll share first-hand experience of a journey from darkness into light. Your audience will travel an inspirational path from sorrow to joy, hopelessness to optimism, tragedy to triumph. Discover the incredible possibilities that exist within God’s invitation to give hope another chance.
    I connected with students for thirty-five years as a classroom teacher, and I think I’ll always be a teacher at heart. I know how to make material relevant, compelling and interesting to this special audience. I love speaking to kids about dreaming big and setting goals to achieve their dreams. Teens are challenged to consider the role of education, responsibility, perseverance, and faith in reaching their full potential.
    Got other ideas, or see a spark of something you were hoping to find here? We can work together to design an experience that will inspire your audience to dream big and believe in hope and possibility. Contact me and we’ll that will meet your needs.

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Bouncing Back Workshop

If you’re planning a retreat or conference that builds relationships, encourages discussion, and prompts personal reflection, please check out this informative, interactive workshop.

For more details: Bouncing Back Workshop

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What Others Say

“Rich Dixon’s story has been an inspiration to thousands.  The fact that he continues to try things and help others takes that inspiration to a whole new level.  He speaks with candor of fears and dreams experienced on his own journey, and offers practical responses to both.  Whenever I listen to Rich, I am moved and walk away with hope.  I could not recommend him more highly!”

 Richard Foth, Teaching Team, Timberline Church, Fort Collins, CO

“If you’re looking for perspective, Rich will provide it. If you’re looking for ways to make the best out of any situation, Rich will show you how. And if you’re looking for inspiration and a charge to dream big dreams, Rich has you covered.”

Kirk Noonan, senior director of communications, Convoy of Hope

“Man, you are great! The boys loved it. Thanks so much for coming down. The men really need to know what real Christians look like “

Daniel Petruska, Director, Teen Challenge Drug/Alcohol Program, Denver

“Rich was a huge hit with the kids. The only problem is our future guest speakers will never be able to compete.”

Ray Caraway, Executive Director, Fort Collins Community Foundation

“I was inspired and motivated by Rich Dixon’s story. The world is a better place because Rich chose to turn tragedy into triumph.”

Hal Donaldson, Founder and President, Convoy Of Hope

“Rich Dixon is an outstanding communicator. He speaks with the authority of one who has faced a huge wall and scaled it and with a delightful humor that warms and inspires the heart. He’s the real deal, and any group will benefit hugely from time spent with him.”

Jeff Lucas, Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

“Rich’s message prompts listeners to examine their personal struggles and challenges. These insights will certainly generate additional opportunities to encounter grace and forgiveness and experience the power of God’s healing love. Those are the kind of conversations I welcome.”

Rev. John Terpstra—Pastor, Immanuel Church, Fort Collins, Co

“Rich is a tremendous communicator.  He will have your audience laughing and then crying all for the Glory of God.  His compelling and genuine presentation disarms people and lets truth win.  You will not regret having Rich in the line-up for your conference, chapel, Sunday service, or retreat.”

Michael White, Communications Director, North Central University, Minneapolis

“Thank you for sharing your inspiring story at our luncheon.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Your life story of courage, hope, and right attitude is worthy of attention. Your experience of overcoming adversity reminds us that, met right, both our daily and life-long challenges can be conquered.”

David Everitt, President, Everitt Companies

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Upcoming Engagements

Click here for  a list of pending events

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Previous Clients

Faith-based audiences:

  • Main speaker, Men’s retreat, Evangelical Covenant Church (Fort Collins)
  • Main chapel speaker, North Central University, Minneapolis
  • Interactive “dialogue sermons” at Timberline Church and Immanuel Church (Fort Collins), Modesto (Ca) Christian Reformed Church
  • Men’s group presentation at Christ United Methodist Church (Fort Collins)
  • Student assembly at Maranatha Christian School (Denver)
  • Speaker at The Table, Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Denver)
  • Worship service speaker, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (Denver)
  • Teen Challenge–Men’s drug rehab program (Denver)
  • Keynote–Christian Business Association (Greeley)

General audiences

  • Keynote–Lions Club 90th Anniversary Celebration (Loveland)
  • High schools and middle schools (Fort Collins, Loveland, Cape Girardeau, Mo, La Crosse, Wi)
  • Keynote–United Way Consortium (Fort Collins)
  • Rotary Club–Fort Collins, Keokuk, Ia

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Next Steps

Thanks again for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by contacting me to get more information. Just click the button below and I’ll get back to you right away.

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