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Communities can be large or small. Numbers don’t really matter, because a community is mostly about relationships and communication. Whatever its size, I hope this project promotes dialogue about new ways of thinking. To make that occur, I need your help. If you identify with my message and you like what happens here, there are a few simple ways you can help.

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Relentless Grace is a self-published book that’s encouraged and inspired readers in lots of diverse situations. Profits benefit several worthy causes and organizations.


I enjoy speaking to groups about resilience, dreams, overcoming obstacles, and living intentionally. I’ve spoken at schools and churches, drug rehab programs and jails, and businesses and non-profits. You can learn more about my speaking work here, or send me a note and we’ll explore possibilities.

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I enjoy hearing from people who are interested in the topics we discuss. Please send me a note and introduce yourself. You can also leave a note and offer feedback in the comments section of any post. I also post frequently on Twitter (@Rich_Dixon) and you can connect with me there.