Thanks for visiting the site. My name is Rich Dixon, and I write and speak about issues related to adversity, hope, dreams, and faith. I enjoy connecting with people who are interested in:

  • confronting and overcoming adversity
  • moving forward with a sense of hope and optimism
  • living an intentional life that’s meaningful, enjoyable, and rewarding
  • exploring how to understand, expand, and apply their faith in practical, real-life terms


What’s this all about?

BOUNCING BACK is a forum for exploring issues related to confronting adversity, developing resilience, and moving forward with hope. The goal is to form a community where these issues can be discussed and where we can learn from each other. You can follow the discussion by RSS, email updates, or by checking in on the web page. My writing, here and elsewhere, is based on these values and beliefs:

  • Adversity is part of life. We’re not defined by past or present circumstancees, but by the attitude with which we respond.
  • Hope and optimism allow us to consider dreams instead of limits. Hope offers a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.
  • Life should be lived on purpose. We don’t have to live as victims of habit, expectation, and circumstance. Each of us can make conscious choices to have fun, foster authentic relationships, do meaningful work, and serve others. If you don’t make these choices, someone else will probably make them for you.
  • In all things God works for good. God welcomes sincere questions. A deep, spiritual relationship with Jesus involves confronting the practical, real-life issues we all face.

While this isn’t a “Christian” blog, I definitely write and think from the perspective of a follower of Jesus. I’m not a big fan of institutionalized religion, but I desire a closer personal relationship with Jesus. My faith is central to my thoughts and ideas.

Why write a blog?

  • I think I have an important story to relate. With a lot of help, I’ve overcome some significant challenges. Since everyone faces difficult situations at some point, I want to share my experiences and help as many people as possible.
  • I believe that life is about relationships. We’re all in this together. I like to connect with and learn from people who share my interests and passions.
  • I enjoy writing.
Important Note
This is NOT about generating income. No advertising, marketing gimmicks, or high-pressure sales. I do have a book for sale, and I hope you’ll purchase it if you think it might be helpful or interesting for you or someone you know. If you like this site, please join the community.


About Rich

I’m excited about my new opportunities as a writer and motivational speaker It’s been an odd transition from thirty-five years as a mathematics teacher, but I’m learning that God constructs the most improbable opportunities from the most unlikely situations. Check out my bio and the spiritual journey that brought me to this point.Have you ever felt overwhelmed and discouraged? I have. A life-altering accident and a series of unfortunate choices left me alone, empty and hopeless. I couldn’t see a way out, but God refused to let me give up. He offers you and me an opportunity to begin again. He invites us to give hope another chance.

My first book, Relentless Grace: God’s Invitation To Give Hope Another Chance. was released In November 2008. To learn more about the story of Relentless Grace please click here.


My message is simple: GIVE HOPE ANOTHER CHANCE. My goal is to share God’s message of unending hope in the midst of hopelessness.

I believe that life ought to be fun, challenging, and interesting. I wish to approach important issues carefully and thoughtfully, but I also think we often take ourselves a bit too seriously. I want to explore the boundary and balance between critical analysis and appropriate laughter.

Whether I’m speaking or writing, I sincerely try to communicate my passion for Jesus, my conviction that life is good, and my gratitude for God’s perfect faithfulness in the face of my own incessant lack of faith.

I also try to have fun and enjoy the good gifts with which God has blessed me. Prior to my accident, I could do ten thousand things. Now I can do only eight thousand. I try to focus on the eight thousand that remain rather than the two thousand I lost.

Christopher Reeve said, “When you choose hope, anything’s possible.” Let’s choose hope and explore the possibilities.

We’ve all experienced pain and loss. Join me in celebrating the incredible joy we experience when we give God’s hope another chance.

If your group is seeking an inspirational speaker, please check out my speaking information

familyHere’s my family. As you can clearly see, I married way over my head.

When I don’t have my nose buried in a computer screen, I love cranking my hand cycle.

Becky, Monte, and I live in the beautiful city of Fort Collins, Colorado.