by Rich Dixon on June 13, 2016

Happy Monday!

A question prompts today’s word-of-the-week…


washing feetAre we sincere about service?

I’ve noticed that lots of folks are really good at telling other folks about the virtues of service. I’ve also concluded that I don’t place a lot of weight on the words of those who talk about while always being served.

The guy who’s always out front, who always flies first-class, who never gets his hands dirty–I have a tough time when he tells someone else to wash the dishes.

We did a bike ride last Saturday. The best cyclists did a beautiful 60-mile ride into the Colorado foothills.

One of our strongest riders volunteered to lead the shorter, slower community fun ride designed for less experienced cyclists. He sacrificed his own desire and worked hard to make the shorter ride a lot of fun for everyone. He encouraged kids and got adults to laugh and forget about the distance. No one guessed that he would have preferred to be with the faster group, because he approached the day with a true servant’s heart.

I know different people serve in different ways and I may be guilty here of being a little judgy-judgy. I’ll take the risk.

I’ll take the risk, because fake service isn’t service. I hang out with a group of cyclists who are teaching each other what it means to be authentic servant leaders. One thing that means is that everyone does the nasty jobs. Everyone carries water jugs, loads the trailer, and takes turns riding last.

That’s what Jesus modeled when He washed the disciples’ feet. He didn’t tell them to do it. He actually DID IT. Than He said, “Do likewise.”

That’s one reason why I can follow Jesus with absolute integrity. I know He’s sincere about service because He never asks me to go and do something He wasn’t willing to do Himself.

Jesus isn’t a Go-And-Do-That Leader.

Jesus is a Follow-Me-And-Do-What-I-Do Leader.

He served. He did the dirty work.

Follow Me.

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