Giving And Grace

by Rich Dixon on August 3, 2012

Kristen wanted to give an offering that cost her something.

Seventeen-year-old Kathy felt convicted to do something about human trafficking.

Una believed God called her to face her fears and learn to ride a bike.

Cody lived for a week on 3-4 hours of sleep because he was repairing bikes, mapping routes, and honoring his commitment as servant leader.

Tom shot and edited—often late into the night—more than 200 mb of video.

Margie’s a talented triathlete who pushed the best riders and rode with and encouraged slower riders because it’s not about her.

Jess endured hills and heat because she realized in different circumstances her five-year-old daughter might be a child trapped in a brothel.

Paul changed countless tires and urged tired riders up hills because he believes in the mission of Venture Expeditions: Benefit the world. Discover your soul. He believes those are worthy endeavors.

These are just a few of my IJM Freedom Tour team mates. This 500-mile bike tour was their way of following Jesus. They taught me that “follow” involves actually doing something.

Nobody on this trip was looking to earn points with God. They all understand that we’re saved by grace through faith in Jesus, and nothing we do can add to or diminish our salvation.

We follow and obey in response, in gratitude, because of a desire for relationship with Jesus. We accept His invitation to join in building His kingdom, not out of guilt or obligation, but out of love.

Our team didn’t sweat through West Virginia hills because we had to. We didn’t do it to get something.

Our community of shared sacrifice formed around what we could give—to each other and to people we’ll never meet.

And in an odd paradox, we each received more than we could have imagined.

I don’t get how that works.

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