by Rich Dixon on July 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

It’s great to be back after a week of R&R, and as our return home is an occasion for today’s word-of-the-week…


Have you ever felt like you missed important lessons?

After a significant experience like the IJM Freedom Tour, it’s important to review, look back, and see what you learned. That’s what I’m doing this week.

It’s not good to dwell too long on the past. You can’t live in the rear view mirror, so at some point you have to put the past in the closet and move forward.

But I think we miss a lot when we don’t take proper time to review. In the intensity of the moment, it’s easy to miss important lessons. Sometimes specific moments assume added significance when viewed in the context of the overall experience.

In Isaiah 43, God says He’s doing a new thing. I believe God did many new things during the ride that’ll become apparent as I review. I don’t want to miss them.

God’s doing important new things in your life this week. Don’t miss them.

Have a great week.

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