Is This An Emotional Week?

by Rich Dixon on April 3, 2012

Is Holy Week an emotional time for you?

I’ve been thinking about how I should be approaching this week.

Somehow I get the sense that the week prior to Easter is supposed to create some sort of special emotional impact. I don’t feel it, and I wonder if something’s missing.

Normally I don’t get too concerned with what I’m “supposed” to feel. Generally, in fact, I don’t think about following Jesus as a “feeling” issue. I believe it’s a choice, a commitment.

But this is a pretty special week, and a lot of Christians seem to experience an emotional connection to it.

I hope it doesn’t mean I take Jesus’ death and resurrection for granted. I don’t think I do. I believe it’s the pivotal event in history. I appreciate the unimaginable sacrifice and the undeserved gift. I’m incredibly grateful.

But it doesn’t feel different. Should it? Am I missing something?

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SuzanneNo Gravatar April 4, 2012 at 1:06 pm

Rich, – I am emotional with my full head on straight during this time…actually I get really emotional (as in tears in my eyes) when I see an image or hear a song that speaks of Jesus’ suffering and/or giving Himself up for me. I read something that spoke about our human response to the Good News (actually to all of God’s Word) from a man named Dr. Ray Stedman (good spiritual teacher of the ’70’s). He said no one can really connect with God at just the emotional level. We have to get what He says with our intellect first and then our emotions follow. God bless your work, Rich. Happy Resurrection Day to you and your family.


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