The Circle Maker–A Challenge To Claim God’s Promises

by Rich Dixon on December 30, 2011

What makes a book worth reading?

What do you look for when selecting a book? With so many options, what attributes determine your “to read” pile?

A few weeks ago Mark Batterson asked me to review The Circle Maker. His request got me thinking about how I filter and choose my reading material.

I read a lot, but mostly my input arrives online via blogs (like Mark’s) and articles. I don’t read enough books, so I tend to choose carefully.

I read books that deepen my understanding by offering a fresh perspective. I read to learn new material. Occasionally—not often enough—I read just for entertainment.

Once in a while I tackle a book that challenges my point of view and causes me to re-evaluate how I perceive a core element of life. This sort of book makes me take a step back and ask big questions about my sense of direction. I find myself wanting to disagree and defend my internal status quo, often a sign that I’ve encountered an uncomfortable truth.

That’s my reaction to The Circle Maker.

Batterson presents a view of prayer that shakes some of my foundational assumptions. Powerful stories reveal an unshakable faith in our ability to claim God’s promises in real, tangible circumstances. I found myself constantly thinking “yeah, but” as I encountered tales of impossible prayers answered in improbable ways.

Perhaps the highest compliment one can offer any author is “He made me think.” I absolutely believe in prayer, but Batterson’s story caused me to wonder if my perceptions of prayer are too small, and if that means my perception of God needs to be enlarged.

I’m not sure yet what to make of The Circle Maker. With any prompting to change I need to address two issues. The first is whether it’s a change in the direction of truth—I’m still mulling over my answer.

But the real problem with change is that you actually have to change, and that’s hard. The book’s theme challenges us to Dream Big, Pray Hard, Think Long.

I don’t want to resist just because it’s hard.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Circle Maker.

Please leave a comment here.

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