by Rich Dixon on August 9, 2010

Wow! Another week, another Monday, and another word-of-the-week. Today’s word is …


This seems like an odd word with which to begin a week. I’m not thinking of conversion in the religious sense. Instead, I’m considering it in the context of efficiency.

Sales professionals know all about conversion. Basically, it’s the percentage of leads or contacts that are converted into paying customers. A direct-mail marketer might be pleased with a 2% conversion on an email campaign, while a brick-and-mortar retailer would need a much higher number.

Since I spend so much time online, I encounter this term in connection with web site efficiency. In that context, the meaning expands a bit. It measures the percentage of visitors who hit that red “subscribe” button and join the circle, or the percentage of readers who take the time to leave comments or share posts via Facebook or Twitter (you may take those as not-so-subtle hints).

I don’t fuss much about those issues related to my web site, but another blog got me wondering about a broader application of the idea. Hopefully, it’s not too much of a stretch.

Since conversion is a measure of effectiveness, here are some questions that occurred to me.

When I encounter someone, do I convert acquaintances into friends? Do my responses tend to attract them to the circle? Do I miss opportunities to serve?

At a speaking engagement, do I convert hearers into listeners and listeners into participants? Do I talk to groups or engage individuals?

When someone watches me, are they curious about what’s beneath the surface? Do I reflect Jesus enough to draw others toward Him?

Does that make sense? I guess it comes down to wondering whether I’m taking advantage of opportunities to do the things I value. How can I convert those opportunities more effectively?

How about you? What are the important interactions for which you’d like a better “conversion” rate?

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