Setting The Stage For Success

by Rich Dixon on December 29, 2009

finish_lineSo, how did 2009 go for you?

A few weeks ago I asked a question (Who Else Wants To Finish Strong?) about completing the year rather than simply running out the clock. I hope I did that, but now it’s time to reflect, plan, and look forward to whatever’s next.

I began the year with a single resolution: Living Intentionally. I resolved to be more aware of what fills my time and gets my attention. Beyond awareness, I wanted to be better about priorities, making sure there was room and time for the tasks and issues that matter most.

Resolutions usually aren’t very effective. They’re sort of pushy, as though they’re trying to get you to do something you really don’t want to do. They’re usually more about results and less about concrete actions and processes. (Substance Or Style; Compass Or Map?)

Like most folks, I resist setting goals. But during 2010 I really want to grow and develop The Circle around Bouncing Back and a few other things that most likely won’t happen by accident.

So I’m spending some time this week reviewing, planning, and actually creating those dreaded goals. I’m working with a model adapted from Chris Brogan. Since this is an unfamiliar process, I’ll share one goal and invite you to comment or perhaps join me.

WorkshopThis diagram relates to my desire to develop a workshop based on the story of Relentless Grace and the notion of Bouncing Back from adversity. My model involves these stages:

  • State the goal.
  • Create a single word to serve as a reference, reminder, and compass during the process.
  • List the steps.
  • Describe the finish line.
  • List obvious distractions that I’ll need to avoid.
  • List possible next steps if all goes well.

Make sense? So my single keyword for this goal is WORKSHOP. I hope to come up with 2-3 more that will help me get where I want to go in 2010.

One other note—an important part of any goal involves identifying folks who might be able to help. For my WORKSHOP goal, that might be you! If this sounds interesting, perhaps you can help me put together a group that could benefit from a conference/retreat with the theme of Bouncing Back.

What are your thoughts? Does my model make sense? What are your goals for 2010?


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