Do You Ask Questions You Can’t Answer?

by Rich Dixon on December 18, 2014

IncarnationI wish I could talk to the baby in the Nativity scene.

I know–it’s only a wooden carving, and conversations with babies tend to be sort of one-sided anyway. And it’s Jesus, so I can talk to Him whenever I want.

It’s just that when I look at the baby I wish the man He became would walk into the room, sit in that chair, and have a real-life conversation.

Someone said the early Christians struggled to believe Jesus was fully God. They had first-hand evidence of His humanity, because He lived and walked among them.

We likely have the opposite problem. We believe He was God, but struggle to accept Him as a man with the same limitations we deal with.

At Christmas, I want to know what it was like to go from limitless to limited, from all-powerful to dependent, from eternal to time-bound. I’d ask how He dealt with existing everywhere in the universe one moment, and then being confined to Mary’s womb the next.

What was it like in Heaven at the instant when all of God was concentrated into one location in space and time in a backwater country with no Internet or cell service?

I can’t imagine how any of that worked, but it must have been confusing for the human part of Him that had to figure it out with a limited human brain. Did He always know He could speak water into wine? If not, what was it like to gradually understand who He was?

Some folks dismiss these questions, because they don’t matter or because the answers can’t be known for sure. But for me, wondering about the baby is an important part of knowing Jesus.

And I’ve never believed questions don’t matter just because I don’t know the answers.

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by Rich Dixon on December 15, 2014


A visit to a wonderful community brings today’s word-of-the-week…


MondayIn September we were honored to speak to a group of folks at a homeless shelter in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. We gathered in a circle before the meeting began and read the following affirmation in unison.

We gather as family and as friends.

We make this space safe, caring, and welcoming.

We listen to each other with unconditional acceptance.

We lift each other up; we do not hold each other down.

Life is a struggle, and we are here to help each other through it.

We cannot control others but we can control ourselves.

We are not homeless, for there is a place in this world for us.

We will get where we are going, even if we do not yet know where that is.

Each moment is another chance, and we can always begin again.

We will fail and make mistakes, but that is how we grow and understand.

We are here, and we are worthy of love and belonging.

So let us own our own stories.

And in owning our stories, let us find the courage to share our stories.

And in sharing our stories realize we are never alone.

This was a circle of people with lots of reasons to complain and mistrust society. Yet they sat in a circle and affirmed each other. In a community with very little, they had a lot. They were being Jesus for each other.

I can’t help believing that some other communities would benefit from taking this kind of affirmation seriously.

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